How Might We...? | Frame Phase

How it works?

Participants respond to the How Might We question(s) set by the facilitator by creating ideas with solutions. These are then evaluated, and themes are set from them to help frame the create phase

The configuration

To setup the method, add up to 5 How Might We questions along with a label for the question. Think of the label as a title or summary of the question.

Example: The Statement could be “How Might We…” “...increase revenue across the business,” and the label may say “Increase revenue.”

During a workshop

Participants will see all the How Might We statements on their screen, with the freedom to select and create ideas for any of the statements.

Recommended time: 15-50 mins
Recommended number of participants: 3-20+

When to use it?

When you want to solution-orient your thinking around a specific problem

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