Value-Effort Matrix | Method

How it works?
Participants score each idea across the Value and Effort dimension. The results are displayed on a 2D matrix to enable discussion on which ideas to take forward.

The method is pre-configured to use

  • batch scoring
  • 1 - 10 scoring units
  • 10 as maximum scoring

You can edit the set-up by clicking on 'Configure' and make the necessary amendments. If you are looking for complete flexibility and customization, pick the '2D matrix' method instead.

Focus the discussion on the ideas where there is a big spread in people’s scoring. Tease out the reasons for people having different opinions and try and reach a consensus position. Also, try to identify the 'quick wins' ideas to be prioritized for a project or team (those ideas with the greatest value for the lowest effort).

Recommended time: 15-60 mins
Recommended number of participants: 3-20+

When to use it?
When you want to evaluate ideas against the Value and Effort dimensions.

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