Creative Matrix


How it works?
Before the workshop, you need to configure up to 5 rows and up to 5 columns for your participants to create ideas against.

In the workshop, participants create ideas which they assign to a row and a column.

Once this is done, then there is a standard, card based review of the ideas, but more usefully on the next step is a matrix-based view of the ideas, each one represented by a dot with the number in it.

If there are too many dots in one box to display in the space, click on the stack and a popup will show all of the dots

When you click on a dot the usual card of information for the idea will be displayed. on this you can change anything - theme, row, column, name, description; whatever you like!

After the method, the ideas taken forward will get the two dimensions added to them as groups.

Recommended time: 45-90 minutes - this one can generate a lot of ideas to go through!
Number of participants: 3-20

When to use it:
When you want to focus idea creation and set some scope. Note; it doesn't need to be done in place of a Frame method; you can create themes and use these as an additional dimension, and Groups are also available.

Things to think about:

  • Creative matrix is great if you want to generate a wide-ranging set of ideas in a short amount of time, but want to make sure you wrap them into some kind of scope
  • Think carefully about what you want from your rows and columns - traditionally these are personas (i.e. customers, employees, market segments, etc.) and solutions (technologies, channels, etc. - but there are many more ways you can help to train people's thought processes


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