How Might We...? | Create Phase

When to use it:

When you want to spark idea creation yet remaining solution-oriented around a specific problem.

How to set up How Might We:

To set up the method, add up to 5 How Might We statements along with a label for the question. Think of the label as a title or summary of the question.

Example:How Might We…

... increase revenue across the business?". Label: “Increase revenue”

... help employees stay productive and healthy when working from home?". Label: "WFH solutions"

... improve the usability of product XY?". Label "Product XY enhancement"


- Start with the problem or the learnings you've discovered

- Keep the How Might We statement broad so that it inspires creativity

- Do not include a solution in the question

- Phrase it in a positive way (i.e. use 'HMW make X process more efficient?' instead of saying 'HMW make X process less complicated?'

- Pre-add any ideas if you want to give an example to your participants during the live session, to guide them through the input stage

How it works during a session:

  • Participants will see all the How Might We statements on their screen, with the freedom to select and create ideas for any of the statements.
  • If you have more than one statement: when you are reviewing the ideas, use the filtering options on the left-hand bar. It's a great way to focus the discussion around one problem at a time.

Recommended time: 15-50 mins - it depends on the number of statement and the complexity of the problems to discuss

Recommended number of participants: 3-20+

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