Stories from Axis users

How could you use Axis for effective, inclusive and engaging collaboration?

Since we launched Axis in 2019, over 3,000 workshops have been run digitally on our platform. We have collected testimonies from our super users, to understand how Axis has been used across different industries, companies and teams.

This is how your colleagues are using Axis:

  • Ran a mid-project retrospective with the C-Suite to be agile from top to bottom
  • Used round-robin to create cross-regional ownership of ideas to transform the global R&D process
  • Used creative matrix to identify growth opportunities due to industry convergence
  • Defined a vision for the future supply chain based upon current challenges, opportunities and value levers
  • Embedded retrospectives into weekly project governance to drive a culture of honest discussion around continuous improvement
  • Defined how processes could be integrated across two departments to realise a new cost frontier and improve customer experience

...what will you do next?

If you are keen to learn more about how to design and run better workshops within your organization or with your client, book an exploratory call with our team for tailored best practice advice.


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