When to use it?

A SWOT analysis is useful when you want to develop ideas to improve a current idea, business or structure. By first working out your current positioning (Strengths, Weakness), you can identify opportunities of growth or even potential threats if things remain as they are.

You should consider using SWOT to help decide if you should :

  • Capitalise on a new business venture
  • Respond to market trends
  • Integrate new technology
  • Implement a new idea

How it works?

Participants individually submit strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a given topic. The order in which these are taken is entirely up to the host and ideas can be discussed as they are given.

After all discussions have concluded, participants rank these submissions in order of importance. The highest ranked are then turned into themes, which will be used to focus idea creation in the next stage of the session.

Recommended time: 20-50 mins. Depends heavily on the number of participants and the number of ideas generated

Recommended participants: 3-20+. Suitable for different types and sizes of audiences.

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