Idea Creator

When to use it:

Idea creator is ideal for any type of brainstorming. This activity will allow participants to generate and submit a broad range of ideas. The absence of a firm structure will make it perfect to think freely and generate as many inputs as possible.

How to set up Idea Creator:

  • Add the activity to your agenda on the set-up page.
  • If you want to pre-add any theme, you can configure the activity accordingly, or generate them through the Context stage. Themes are ideal to provide structure and focus.
  • If you want to pre-add any idea, you can configure the activity accordingly. Pre-added ideas are great to ignite and guide the idea creation phase.

How it works during a live session:

Participants create ideas, which are visible to everyone, during the first step of the activity. Feel free to configure the timer if you want to keep everyone on track during this step.

Ideas are then discussed and refined during the Review step.

If there is a theme, use the filter on the left-hand navigator to keep the discussion focused.

If you need to group ideas further, use the 'Tag' function to assign one or multiple tags to the idea cards.

Recommended time: 5-60 mins

Recommended number of participants: 3-20+


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