How do I work through a workshop?

Get the most out of your Axis session.

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Participants can join your session in seconds

The first step to any good session, is making sure you have the most important bit, the people!

The first slide you will see is the joining information. Your participants can use their smartphones or join on a desktop.

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Think of an Axis session as a slide-show moving from left to right. On every page there are two arrows to the left and right of your screen, these are what you can use to move between slides.

The page arrows allow you to move back and forth and the navigation bubbles at the top of the screen allow you to jump between stages.

Introduce your sessions objective, key question and agenda

Once everyone has joined, it is best to quickly introduce the session objective and key question. You might want to verbalise some more context or details but we would recommend keeping this short and focused. 

This is followed by an overview of the session journey. This is your chance to explain the steps you will work through and the activities you will use at each stage. 

With the introduction complete you then move into activities you have selected.

Host steps

As the host, you are in control of the session and decide when to move on to a new activity, which is always done using the arrows, simple!

There are usually 3 broad steps to each activity

1. The introduction to the activity, where the host explains the purpose of your activity.

2. The activity actions, where the participants can get creative and submit their ideas or votes

3. Final review, a chance to review the participant inputs

Some activities can have multiple input & review steps, or voting mid-activity, there is loads of features to explore!

Participant steps

As mentioned above, there will be parts of the session where participants need to create or vote on ideas from their device. As the host, your screen will be telling participants to go to their device, this is time for you to sit back and let the ideas flood in!

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