Microsoft Teams: run a session on the Axis app

The Axis app for Microsoft Teams brings the power of inclusive participation to Teams, to enable collaboration in one seamless experience. As soon as you install the Axis app in Microsoft Teams, you can launch your Axis sessions and participate directly from the Teams app.

This guide can be used by Microsoft Teams users to run a session on the Axis app in a Teams meeting.

⚠️ Please note that your tenant admin on the Microsoft Teams side must enable the Axis app within your 3rd party apps catalog. Unless Axis is approved, it won't be listed among the apps in your Teams Store. Check out the guide for Admins here.

⚠️ Microsoft does not support the ability for guest users to use apps in a Teams meeting, users must be logged into Teams in order to use any apps (including Axis).

⚠️ You can add the Axis app to a scheduled meeting only (not a 'Meet now' meeting).

How to run a session in the Axis app in a Teams meeting

Watch the video 👇 or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

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  1. First, make sure you have added the Axis app to your meeting and that you have selected a session to run. Ready? Hit the Save button.
  2. At this point, 2 important steps will happen:
    - The Axis app will appear in the Teams meeting interface for all your participant (given they are joining from a desktop or native app; not the browser version). Ask them to click on the Axis app icon in the meeting bar, so the right hand panel will open. This is the place for your participants to contribute to the session (submit ideas, score, vote...)
    - The Axis session will automatically launch in a new tab on your default browser. This is the place for you to host the session: navigate between activites, set the timer, review ideas, apply filters...
  3. Can you see your session? Fantastic. You should automatically log into the session; once this happens, you will see a welcome message on the app right-hand panel in Teams. Your participants will be seeing the same. If you are having any issues launching the session, hit the 'Begin session' button in the right-hand panel.
    Your participants will log into the session only after you have launched it on Axis on your browser (the URL should look like '' and you should be seeing the session joining screen (the one with the QR code).
    What if some of your participants don't have the MS Teams app? Let them join with their mobile or desktop at using their name and the session three-words-code
  4. One last step before heading into the session: share your screen! Make sure your participants can see what is happening on so to follow along the instructions, see the timer and the review steps.
  5. Let's begin. On your Axis browser click on the next arrow and get into the session. Your participants will follow and contribute as necessary through their app in Teams.
  6. Once you get to the end and complete the session, your participants will be automatically log out of the session. The data export will be available for download right away on the Axis browser app.


- I launched a session but I want to run a new/different one. How do I do it?

Add the Axis app again and select a new/different session

- How can I see what the participants are seeing?

The Axis app's participant tab will open on your Teams interface too! You will be able to see there the same experience seen by your participants, step by step. Remember to make sure you are not screensharing.

- Can I reopen a completed session?

No. Unfortunately, once a session is completed, you cannot re-start it or re-open it. However, you can create a copy of the session and run the new copy instead!

- What's the "I'm done" button?

The "I'm done" button is used by the participant to flag to the host whenever they are done submitting ideas. The host will see a tick appearing next to the participant's name in the left hand nav; once everyone has done submitting, the host knows the session can move to the next step.

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