Exporting a workshop

When a workshop is completed, you can export the contents to an excel workbook that does two great things for you;

  1. Prevents write up - no more translating sticky-note-scrawls of single words that made sense an hour ago, but are now meaningless
  2. Provides all the underlying data for the workshop

The way it works is as follows.

When the workshop completes, there is a button to 'Export Workshop':

When you click on this, you are presented with an confirmation, and when you click 'Export' an excel download is created. This will have a number of tabs in it depending on your workshop configuration:

  • Workshop config will display all of the high-level config for the workshop, including name, description, methods selected and key question
  • Shares - if you had a method in the share phase, all the shares will be available on this tab
  • Workshop themes - if you had a frame method, all of the items added to the frame tool will be here, as well (for multi-dimensional methods like SWOT or Rose Thorn Bud) what group they were in, and what name they were given as a theme for the rest of the workshop
  • Ideas - All data associated to the ideas is in this tab, including name, description, groups any scoring information and a count of any actions raised against it
  • Actions - if there are any actions raised against an idea, these will be listed on this tab.

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