Cashapp scam - please read

What is this unexplained charge on my cash card?

Are you "axismetvarietyworkshop" on Cashapp?

We've recently become aware of a Cashapp scam, where unfortunately someone is defrauding people using the username "axismetvarietyworkshop" - please be aware that this is not us.

We've been receiving a high amount of traffic and messages due to the similarity in business name on Google, but we are not affiliated with them in any way nor do we know who this user is.

We've been trying to reach out to and to the people at Square about this but we're afraid we're not responsible for the transactions and cannot do anything to refund you. You should do everything you can to report the transaction in; you can raise a ticket on their help pages reporting the incident.

We apologise we can't be more helpful and wish you luck disputing the charges.

Not a Cashapp related issue but still unsure about a charge on your card? Feel free to contact us at any time with our Live Chat function.

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