Cash App "axismetvarietyworkshop" scam - please read

What is this unexplained charge on my cash card?

Are you "axismetvarietyworkshop" on Cash App?

We've recently become aware of a scam involving Cash App, where unfortunately someone is defrauding people using the username "axismetvarietyworkshop" or similar - please be aware that this is not us.

We've been receiving a high amount of traffic and messages due to the similarity in business name on Google, but we are not affiliated with them in any way nor do we know who this user is.

We cannot refund you for these transactions; we do not have a presence on Cash App, we have not initiated these transactions.

We have spoken to Square, the owners and developers of Cash App, for their assistance on this matter, and have flagged to them that this account maybe defrauding people. Their suggestion is to dispute the transaction by:

  1. Go to the Activity tab
  2. Select the payment
  3. Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the payment
  4. Select Report an Issue
  5. Follow the prompts

They also say the following:

Most payments are instant and usually cannot be cancelled. Filing a report will help prevent future scams. Once a report has been submitted, the appropriate team will review the account and no further action is needed on the part of you or the people facing this issue. Keep in mind that while reporting a scam does begin an investigation, its focus is prevention and not recouping loss. Customer security is our number one priority. Our team takes all security concerns seriously and will take action when appropriate.

They also have two useful pages that can help secure yourself against scams:

We apologise we can't be more helpful and wish you luck disputing the charges.

If you have a payment dispute but is not associated to Cash App - please reach out to us; see our contact pages here.

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