How do I combine Axis with other tools?

Axis works when paired with other powerful tools

We have not tried to replace existing wonderful tools such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Zoom (they already do a great job), but too augment these with the ability to do structured decision making.

Share your screen whilst running an Axis session

Combining Axis with Teams, Zoom and any other video sharing tool is essential to running an effective virtual or hybrid session. Participants need to follow the facilitators screen throughout, so ensure you combine Axis with one of these platforms.

Inspire creative thinking with extra material

Share a youtube video before starting an activity, or present a slide that gives wider context to the purpose of your activity. You can easily switch between screens to use Axis alongside any other material you have prepped ahead of your session. Participants can still share ideas even when your Axis tab is in the background.

Top tip: If you are using a large screen, you can display Axis on one half & extra material on the other, so participants can interact with Axis simultaneously.


Hopefully this has helped inspire some new ideas to bring more creativity to your sessions.

If you have any further questions or a request for a new feature you would like to see, please reach out in our live chat in the bottom right!

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