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The 5 Axis 5 stages

We have worked tirelessly to understand what makes collaborative session great but also, not so great, to build a product that gives anyone of any ability the means to run an effective session.

This led us to identifying 5 key stages that can be used for any successful collaboration session.

The Opener Stage

This stage can be used to break the ice and is perfect to help set the tone of the session, or introduce a group who are not familiar.

The activities in this stage are designed to be simple, fast & fun, and any inputs do not progress throughout the session, so don't feel the need to spend too long on this stage.

Check out the opener activities by clicking here.

The Context Stage

Sometimes, ideation needs some guidance, and creating context can help you do exactly that.

The purpose of this stage is to identify broad topics that you then create into themes. These themes are then used as pillars to create ideas against in the Creation stage.

Learn about our context activities here.

The Creation stage

Arguably, the most fundamental stage to any collaborative session, so important we have made it mandatory for every session.

This is the stage where participants can get creative. A unique feature of Axis is that all inputs are anonymous, so participants can feel comfortable to to think big and be bold.

For information on all creation activities, click here.

The Evaluation stage

Struggle to get decisions made? Well the evaluation stage gives you all the tools to do so. We have a wide range of activities from simple dot voting to 2D matrices, all completely customisable!

Use this stage to get a collective view on the best ideas to shortlist and take forward.

Click here for more information on the activities available in the evaluation stage.

The Action stage

We come to our final stage, which aims to ensure outcomes are actioned. You can assign each idea with next steps, different owners and set timelines or due dates. Explore our actives, and keep an eye on what is next to come as we continually expand the selection.

Want to learn more about the activities in the action stage? Click here.


We hope this short guide helps to explain the purpose behind each stage. Remember, only the Creation stage is mandatory and you do not always need all 5, so pick and choose stages that suit your particular session.

If you have any further questions, or suggestions for product improvements, we would love to hear from you via our chatbot on the bottom of the screen or contact us by email at

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