How do I run an effective session?

Our top tips for running a great session on Axis

Timings are everything

The length of your session will depend upon the stages you choose and number of participants, but you can always set the time you give for each of the activities.

  • What type of session are you running? Is it a speedy brainstorm to gather a bulk of ideas, or a more thought through process where participants have a small number of detailed ideas.
  • Give participants a decent amount of time to think independently during the relevant sections of the session. 
  • Within activities, give enough time to curate the content. If you have a lot of ideas, firstly remove duplicates, then move on to an evaluation step/stage to get a collective shortlist you can review in more detail.

As the host, be sure to capture discussion within the description. Make notes on conversations around ideas, as discussion springs more ideas!

Quality not quantity

  • Challenge each participant to submit one or two ideas independently and then open for discussion with the facilitator capturing additional thinking
  • Be ruthless. Ideas can be de-selected. Open it up to the group whether any ideas should not progress into the next phase. This discussion can be hugely valuable. Any de-selected ideas are not lost, they will be in the workshop download

Capture the entire idea

As the host, support participants by suggesting participants make the name short and snappy and use the description to bring their thinking to life.

The description is powerful because:

  • You are not limited to space like sticky-notes so encourage participants to be specific, adding examples, quotes etc.
  • Participants can explain an idea and maintain anonymity.

Embracing the hybrid way of working

  • Blend the physical with the digital. Why not try starting a stage with a physical exercise (drawing a picture, building with Logo) and then digitally capture the thinking in Axis. Combine creativity, to help people think differently, with written text, which is most effective for driving action post the session.
  • Break-up into pairs or two or more groups with one-person acting as a scribe on their device. This works well if have more than 10 participants

We hope some these tips help you when you are next running a session on Axis and as ever, if you need any further support you can reach the team on our live chat in the bottom right of this page or in the Axis app.


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