Microsoft Teams: Meetings integration (Admin guide)

The Axis app for Microsoft Teams brings the power of inclusive participation to Teams meetings, enabling collaboration in one seamless experience. As soon as you install the Axis app in Teams, you can launch your Axis sessions and participate directly from the Teams app.

This guide can be used by Microsoft Teams Admin users to enable the Axis experience for the users in their organization.

⚠️ Microsoft Admins may need to enable the Axis app within the 3rd party apps catalog for Teams before users can install the integration. Settings can vary per account. More information on how to manage apps in Microsoft Teams can be found here.

⚠️ The Axis integration for Microsoft Teams is free to use, but users on a free plan will still encounter the limitation of a maximum of 3 participants per session. To unlock unlimited participants, upgrade to a paid plan or purchase a license for your enterprise.

Available for: all Axis plans, all Microsoft Teams plans. Permission and access settings will vary based on plan type

Available on: Desktop version. Meeting organizers can only share an Axis session to the meeting via the Microsoft desktop app, not the web version. All Meeting participants can join and collaborate from the Microsoft desktop app, mobile, or tablet.

How to enable the Axis app in Microsoft Teams

  1. First, go to your Microsoft Teams admin dashboard. On the left hand side, select the Teams apps section.
  2. Select Manage apps in order to configure Axis. Search for Axis in the search bar.
  3. Once you see the Axis app, select Axis and click on Allow.
  4. Here, you will be prompted to allow the Axis app to be available for all users in your organization. Click Allow.
    (You can also configure Axis for a specific team in your organization only. Select Add to team. Here, you will be prompted to search for a specific team. Once you find the team, click Add.)

💡 Learn more about Axis and Microsoft Teams:

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