How to use Trend Analysis

When to use it?

When you want to focus on exploiting trends.

How to setup Trend Analysis

This is an activity that doesn't have any mandatory configuration, it is ready to be run straight away. There is an evaluation step automatically added, so be sure to go into configuration to make sure you are happy with this evaluation step.

Furthermore, if you have trends or themes you would like to add before the session begins, click configure to add these in.

How it works during your session

Participants can enter as many trends as they like, by typing a trend name and a description. Unlike post-it notes, Axis is completely digital and therefore participants can really elaborate on their trend, so encourage your participants to give a detailed description.

Recommended time: 15-30 mins ⏰

Recommended number of participants: 3-20+


Trend analysis gives great context to idea creation and puts participants in the right mindset to identify and expand on the trends they feel are important.


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