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When to use it

Plan on a Page is great when you want to drill down on responsibilities, estimated effort and timeline for the ideas created during a session, making sure everyone will walk away from a session with a precise plan of action.

How to setup Plan on a page

Configuration of plan on a page gives you both flexibility in how you define your plan & structure to ensure a standardised, easy to understand plan.

  • The time unit to score and display ideas (years, quarters, months)
  • The start date of your plan
  • The end year of your plan (the plan will always end on the last month of the year select, December)
  • The workstream participants can assign ideas to - think of it as the teams, squads, departments. If you don't add any workstream, ideas will be all assigned to one generic 'Workstream'.

How it works during your session

Participants will score each idea created and carried over during the session based on 3 dimensions:

  • Workstream an idea should belong to
  • Idea start date
  • Idea estimated length

NB: participants have the option to not score an idea. In this case, their inputs will not be taken into considerations to calculate the position of that specific idea on the chart.

Once the scoring is done, you can click the next arrow for the plan will be visualised and ready for review.

On the left hand-side column you will find the workstreams.

On the top row of the plan you will find the time units, from start date to end date.

In the middle of the plan, you will visualise the ideas.

Top tips

How to best navigate the page?

  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Scroll right and left with your mouse, trackpad, or arrows
  • Open the left hand navigator to filter on ideas based on their themes

How to change the length of an idea?

Option 1: click on the border of the idea bar and drag it to change its length

Option 2: click on the idea bar, and adjust the length by clicking on the + or - buttons in the pop-up

How to change the start date of an idea?

Option 1: click and hold the idea bar and drag it left or right to change its position on the page

Option 2: click on the idea bar, and pick a different start date from the drop-down menu on the pop-up card

How to change the workstream of an idea?

Click on the idea bar, and select a different workstream from the dropdown menu. Once done, click on the refresh button on the top-left corner to update the plan and see the changes on the chart.

Notes about the rules:

  • The length of an idea is based on the mean response of the participants. Whenever an idea has not been scored by any participant, its length will be of one time unit by default.
  • The start date of an idea is based upon the median response of the participants. Whenever an idea has not been scored by any participant, it will be placed in the first available time unit on the plan (the first column).
  • The workstream assigned to an idea is set by most popular participant answer. If there is a tie, the idea will be assigned to both workstreams under the form of 'workstream A / workstream B' (i.e. 5 people assign an idea to the Marketing team, while other 5 people assign it to the Sales team; the idea will be displayed under the 'Marketing / Sales' workstream. You can change the owner and refresh the plan to visualise a different output)
  • Workstreams on the left are ordered by idea with earliest start date first; within each workstream, ideas are ordered by earliest start date first.

Recommended time: 15 - 60 mins ⏰

Number of participants: 3-20


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