Share your workshop with colleagues

The facilitator sharing feature is all about putting collaboration at the forefront of workshops.

This feature is exclusive to our enterprise customers and allows you to share workshops with your colleagues who also have an Axis account on your company licence.

If you do not have an enterprise deal but are interested in a branded platform, this amazing feature, custom templates and more, get in touch!

How it works?

  1. From your homepage, click the all new share action on the workshop you would like to share with other users.
  2. Type in the email of the facilitator you would like to share the workshop with.
  3. If they have an Axis account on the same company licence the email will be added and you can click share. Now, the other facilitators you have added will all have access to your workshop, and they have the ability to copy, run and share your workshop.

We are continuing to expand this feature with the aim of allowing you to collaborate in real time both building and running a workshop!

If you have any feedback on this feature, or anything about Axis we would love to hear it. Just pop us a message on chat or send us an email.

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