Creating a Template Workshop

This guide is to help you create a workshop from one of our pre-defined templates. If you'd prefer to set one up from scratch and you want more help with this, there is an article for this also - see here.

One of the things that can make Axis really helpful, is the ability to select from our library of templates of regular and/or repeated workshop types, such as a retrospective or an effort/value matrix.

Once clicking to create a new workshop on the facilitator homepage, you can select to create from the template library and select a template.

Once you've selected a template you can edit the name, objective and key question for the workshop or - if you wish - just dive straight in and click the 'start workshop' button.

These are great for those situations where you just want to quickly fire up something familiar!

We also provide a service for people who want their own templates - if you're interested either send us an email on or click on the chat widget on the bottom right corner of this screen.

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